About Beach Chair Buddy®


Function BEACH CHAIR BUDDY® Other Clips / Products Comments
Price LESS MORE Product cost is lower and Shipping cost is zero
Weight 1 ounce 1 pound Super light - other products are 1066% heavier!
Reusable / Alternative Uses YES NO Use as a pad, sleeping bag, beach towel strap, carry/secure beach items, get creative!
Customizable YES NO Any color, text, or graphic combination.   See ideas below
US Shipping Included / Free YES NO USPS First Class Mail - reliable and FREE!
Extremely compact / Fits in pocket of swim shorts YES NO Smaller than a set of car keys or wallet!
Save space in luggage when traveling YES NO No significant increase in space required; small enough to fit in a pair of shoes or makeup case
Works in high wind YES NO Beaches are windy, boats are windy - towel will not blow away
Effectively secures towel to chair YES NO Attaches quickly, easily, and tightly to chair
Eliminate need for "towel adjustments" YES NO Once secured, no readjustments are required
Weatherproof YES NO Completely weather-proof; will not break or fade
100% recyclable YES NO 100% recyclable
100% Guaranteed YES NO 100% Guaranteed
Low Carbon footprint / less impact to environment YES NO Extremely simple manufacturing process
Metal Free (won't rust) YES NO No rust, no squeaks
Easily Washable YES NO Machine washable
Simple to operate / no moving parts YES NO Common sense simple design, easy for all ages
Unaffected by sand, water, sun, lotion, etc. YES NO Functionality never compromised to the environment; will always work!



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