1. How many Beach Chair Buddy ® straps come in one (1) order?

1a.  One (1) order contains two (2) straps.


  1. How many Beach Chair Buddy ® straps do you recommend I purchase?

2a.  A person should order one (1) order (an order contains two (2) straps).  The Beach Chair Buddy ® strap is most effective when used in pairs - one strap a each end of the towel; this is why two straps are being sold in one order. 

A couple going on vacation should place two (2) orders, one (1) order for each person.  


  1. How much is the shipping and handling cost when I place my order?

3a.  The shipping cost for domestic US addresses using standard 1-3 days USPS First Class Mail is $0.00; shipping is FREE!  There are no handling costs or processing costs.  There are no hidden costs.


  1. Do I pay tax when I place my order?

4a.  Yes, sales tax is required and will be known at time of checkout.


  1. Will you ship Bulk orders?

5a.  Yes, Bulk orders are allowed. 


  1. Will you customize orders?

6a.  Customizable orders are possible for large bulk orders.  Minimum Orders Quantities are required for custom orders and will be determined at the time of ordering.  Also, custom orders may require unique pricing due to the specific details of the custom order.  Please email info@beachchairbuddy.com to discuss your custom order opportunities.


  1. What is the best method to contact a sales person?

7a.  Please email info@beachchairbuddy.com for all questions.